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Rejoy Watermelon Plant Based Sports Drink

Rejoy Watermelon Plant Based Sports Drink

$3.99/16 oz.

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Coconut Water + 20 MG Hemp Extract

Our Watermelon & Coconut Water is formulated with a mere 6 plant-based ingredients so that you can rehydrate and recover with the cleanest, simplest and yet more powerful recovery drink we know of.

It’s low-cal & low-carb and thanks to Coconut water also high in electrolytes.

But to get a revolutionary plant-based recovery drink we infused a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract to help your body & mind recover faster from those hard training sessions.

REJOY uses a patented technology to enable optimal absorption and increased bioavailability of ingredients, delivering maximum benefit. Our recovery-enhancing full spectrum hemp extract is made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE Hemp that is grown outdoors under natural sunlight with organic practices.


Electrolytes From Plants, Keto Friendly, No Sugar Added, Low Calories, Vegan, Only 7 Ingredients! 



Filtered Water, Watermelon Juice, Coconut Water, Lime Juice, Hemp Extract, Natural Flavors, Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Color)

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